Small Yixing Teapot – ‘Gong Deng Hu’ – Da Hong Pao Zhu Ni Clay Teapot (110ml)


Clay type:Da hong pao ni clay
Content:110ml (3.7oz)
Measures:10.5×7.5 cm (4.1×3 in)

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Exquisite Red Clay Palace Lantern Teapot – A Moment of Tranquility

Indulge in the art of tea with this handcrafted red clay (Da Hongpao Zhu Ni) teapot, a masterpiece inspired by the classic ‘palace lantern’ design.

This small and exquisite teapot is perfect for those intimate tea sessions, a moment of serenity reserved just for you.


  • 100% handmade by skilled artisans at the renowned Guyuetang Yixing art studio.
  • Crafted from exceptional Da Hongpao Zhu Ni clay, renowned for its unique composition and stunning red color.
  • Optimal size for one person, allowing for a personal and immersive tea experience.
  • Suitable for brewing various types of tea, enhancing the flavor and aroma of your favorite blends.
  • Carefully oven-fired at high temperatures (1175-1180°C) to ensure durability and optimal performance.

Exploring Da Hongpao Clay:

Da Hongpao, a distinct type of Zhu Ni clay, holds a special place in the world of teapots. Its raw ore boasts a captivating red hue, and finished products exude a vibrant red color unmatched by regular Zhu Ni.

The clay’s rarity contributes to its value and makes it a sought-after material among conno Tweensseurs.

The Palace Lantern Design:

The palace lantern teapot, a traditional Yixing design, captivates with its elegant shape and embodies cultural significance.

Originating from the Yong Zheng period of the Qing Dynasty, this teapot has stood the test of time, becoming a cherished symbol of tea culture.

Uncover the Beauty of Tea with This Exceptional Teapot

Experience the convergence of art and tradition with this exquisite red clay teapot, a testament to the skill and passion of our artisans. Elevate your tea sessions to moments of pure bliss and savor the richness of your favorite blends.


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