Transmutation Ceramic Portable Tea Set


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## Chinoiserie Furnace Transmutation Travel Tea Set

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of tea time with our exquisite Chinoiserie Furnace Transmutation Travel Tea Set. Crafted with kiln-fired artistry, this traditional style set exudes simplicity and elegance.

### Perfect for Adventure and Convenience

Savor the joy of tea wherever your travels or business endeavors may take you. The compact size and portable design make it ideal for on-the-go moments, offering a convenient way to enjoy your favorite brew.

### Exquisite Design with Precision Filtration

Adorned with an intricate filter design, our tea set ensures a residue-free experience. The seamless pour and easy cleanup make every sip a delight.

### Complete Set for the Tea Aficionado

This comprehensive set includes:

– 1 Teapot (200ml/6.8oz, 12cm/4.7″ length, 9cm/3.5″ height)
– 4 Tea Cups (50ml/1.7oz, 6.5cm/2.6″ length, 5cm/1.9″ height)
– 1 Tea Caddy (7cm/2.7″ length, 9cm/3.5″ height)
– 1 Tea Tray (20cm/7.8″ length, 2cm/0.8″ height)
– 1 Travel Bag

### The Perfect Travel Companion

Whether you’re enjoying a moment of solitude amidst nature or sharing the aromatic bliss of tea, our Travel Tea Set makes an exceptional companion. Its compact design allows you to easily pack and transport it, ensuring a delightful tea experience wherever your journey takes you.


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