Wabi-Sabi Glazed Lotus Leaf Side-Handle Teapot


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## Wabi-Sabi Lotus Side Handle Teapot

Embodying the Japanese aesthetic of transience and imperfection, this Wabi-Sabi Lotus Side Handle Teapot invites you to find beauty in simplicity and humility.

### Intricate Lotus Symbolism

Inspired by the lotus’s emergence from murky waters, this teapot represents the resilience and strength of enlightenment, as well as the spiritual pursuit inherent in Wabi-Sabi.

### Exquisite Craftsmanship

Boasting a captivating silver black match and hand-carved texture, this teapot exudes uniqueness and artistry. It not only adorns your tea table but also showcases your sophisticated taste and intellect.

### Functional and Spiritual Vessel

As both a decorative masterpiece and a functional tea vessel, this teapot merges beauty and practicality. Its alluring design complements your tea time rituals, elevating the experience to a profound level.

### Perfect for Gifting or Personal Use

Whether you seek a thoughtful gift or a cherished personal possession, this Wabi-Sabi Lotus Side Handle Teapot will undoubtedly provide a transformative tea drinking experience, filled with tranquility and appreciation for the ephemeral.

### Dimensions

* Capacity: 180 ml (6.14oz)
* Length: 17 cm (6.69 inches)
* Height: 8.4 cm (3.30 inches)


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