White Jade Duanni Peony Xishi Teapot with Tea Cup – 250ml Capacity


Clay type:White jade Duan Ni
Measures:13.5x8cm (5.3×3.1in)

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Immerse Yourself in the Art of Tea with the White Jade DuanNi Peony Xishi Teapot and Cup

Embark on a journey of sensory delight with this exquisite White Jade DuanNi Peony Xishi Teapot and Cup, a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship that elevate tea drinking to an immersive experience.

A Canvas of Elegance: The White Jade DuanNi Clay

Crafted from rare and natural White DuanNi clay, this teapot exudes a rare beauty. Its low iron content bestows upon it a soft texture and an ethereal white jade hue, making it a perfect canvas for intricate artistry.

An Ancient Technique: Clay Painting

Adorning the teapot’s surface is a graceful clay painting of a peony flower, created using an ancient technique passed down through generations. Natural clays are meticulously processed and applied with a brush, their thickness carefully controlled to achieve a delicate balance between paintability and texture.

Symbolism and Beauty: The Peony Flower

The peony, a magnificent flower deeply rooted in Chinese culture, is revered as the “King of Flowers.” Its vibrant colors and exquisite shapes have captivated artists and poets for centuries. In this teapot, the peony’s presence signifies abundance, affection, wealth, and elegance, adding a layer of symbolism to its aesthetic beauty.

A Masterful Artisan: Xu Yaowen

This exceptional teapot is the creation of Xu Yaowen, a young and talented ceramic artist with a passion for Yixing teapots. Her artistry, nurtured since childhood, has earned her membership in the National Arts & Crafts Association of China. Xu Yaowen’s unique style, characterized by delicate lines, elegant forms, and creative shapes, has garnered wide recognition.

Certificate of Authenticity: A Mark of Excellence

Accompanying this exquisite teapot and cup is a certificate of authenticity from the artist herself, a testament to the teapot’s quality and craftsmanship.

A Gift of Refinement

Presented in an elegant gift box, this White Jade DuanNi Peony Xishi Teapot and Cup makes for a perfect gift for tea connoisseurs and art lovers alike. Its beauty and functionality are sure to delight and inspire, transforming every tea-drinking occasion into a moment of serene appreciation.


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