Chinese Handmade Violet Gold White Travel Tea Set


Style: Minimalism
Material: Porcelain
Origin: Dehua
Filter or not: Yes
Fair Cup: 1
Tea sea: 1
Tea appreciateing cup: 4


Covered bowl:  width:9.8cm height:7.5cm capacity:120ml
Tea Sea:  Length:8.3cm Height:9cm Capacity:250ml
Tea cup:  width:5.3cm height:3.5cm capacity:45ml

Selected from local high-quality kaolin clay and other raw materials by refined processing, high-temperature reduction firing into the porcelain glaze white and delicate, warm and moist color
like jade.Dehua white porcelain is rich and moist, like a sense of white jade grease, high moistness, good light transmission, clear jade bright

White texture, delicate as jade, smooth glaze shows the quality of ice and jade, contains the charm of intriguing

High borosilicate glass tea sea, high temperature resistant crystal clear and translucent, high transparency, soup color at a glance

The tea leaves brewed with white porcelain tea set can be more clearly felt, the aroma of the tea soup

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Weight 1 kg

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