Yixing Clay Teapot – Handmade, Straight-Tube Design


Material: Dark-red enameled porcelain
With the function of boiling water: No
Surface technics: Ancient porcelain
Tea Ceremony Accessories: None
Origin: Yixing
The grade of product quality: First-class

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The main orientation of this pot is easy to use. From the handle and button, to the influence of the size of the pot spout on the addition of tea dregs and so on, detailed consideration was made. Finally, while taking into account the beautiful shape of the pot, the pot came out, and the folding angle of handle, button and pot shoulder was changed, all of which were for the main purpose of easy use.

Overall width of the pot: 11.4cm
Mouth diameter: 4.7cm
Height: 8cm
Capacity: 170ml

Tea enthusiasts will adore this Yixing Raw Heart Dark Red Enamelled Porcelain Traditional Craft Downslope Mud Round Button Straight Tube Teapot Kung Fu Tea Set! The round button straight tube teapot is finished in dark blue porcelain enamel with gold detailing on the handle and buttons for durability. The anti-rust coating protects the surface.

This teapot set comes with two matching cups that are easy to share with friends or family members. The cups are made of high-quality clay that does not take on colour or flavour from multiple infusions. This allows everyone to experience their own flavour profile by keeping their cup separate while brewing the tea.

Here are some features that make this teapot set special:
This classic design with round knob and straight tube is handmade using traditional Chinese techniques. The knobs are enamelled in dark red porcelain, the handles and knobs are decorated with gold details, and an anti-rust coating ensures durability.
A thoughtful gift or just something special for yourself, this Yixing Crude Ore Dark Red Enameled Porcelain Traditional Crafts Downslope Mud Round Button Straight Tube Teapot Kung Fu Tea Sets is an exceptional statement piece! With beautiful design and high quality materials, every cup of tea will be more memorable!

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