Yixing Dragon and Pearl Teapot


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Exquisite Yixing Teapot: A Masterpiece of Chinese Artisanship

Upon first glance, behold the unparalleled beauty of this magnificent teapot. Its intricately crafted handle subtly mimics the form of a soaring dragon, imbued with lifelike detail. The majestic body of the pot exudes a regal presence, resembling a dragon entrenched within its depths, echoing the dragon-shaped handle. This harmonious design evokes the image of a virtuous sage, both powerful and wise.

The teapot’s centerpiece lies in its intricate spout and handle, meticulously shaped as a dragon’s head. It not only mirrors the dragon motif of the lifting beam but also symbolizes the auspicious image of “double dragons playing with pearls,”寓意 吉祥如意. This design seamlessly blends with the auspicious cloud pattern adorning the base of the teapot, creating a cohesive visual masterpiece.

The contrasting dark hue of the teapot’s body accents the brilliance of the dragon’s pearl atop the lid, resembling the radiant sunrise. This combination lends the teapot an air of grandeur and majesty.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this teapot is a testament to the artist’s deep understanding of cultural symbolism and design principles. Every detail is imbued with passion and ingenuity, inviting viewers to delve into the emotions and thoughts embedded within its intricate form.

This masterpiece not only boasts an exquisite design but is also rich in symbolic meaning, representing 吉利 与如愿. Its alluring form and auspicious symbolism make it a cherished treasure among collectors and tea enthusiasts and a testament to the enduring charm of Chinese tradition.

Material: Yixing Purple Clay
Includes: Certificate, Gift Box
Dimensions: Length 15 cm (5.9″), Height 9.7 cm (3.81″), Lid Diameter 5.5 cm (2.16″)
Capacity: 300 ml (10.14 oz)


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