Premium Menghai Fermented Pu Erh Tea Cake – 357G Chinese Loose Leaf Tea

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Storage method: Storage in the environment of ventilated, clean, dry, no peculiar smell and no pollution
Shelf life: 7300 days
Food additives: none
Production process: Fermented Tea
Shape: cake tea
Origin: Mainland China
Provinces: Yunnan Province
City: Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture
Packing Method: Packing
Net Content: 357g

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Silver Needle white tea processing

Several processes and hundreds of days produce a good tea. Following the ancient method and inheritance of ingenuity, we strictly control each process to make a good tea wholeheartedly and consistently for ten years.

Tea Garden

From Menghai Tea District, the ecological ancient tree tea garden grows freely in the sunshine of the plateau, picks artificially, inherits ancient methods and refines good tea. The taste is slippery and sticky, the fragrance is lasting and the soup is rich in color and attractive like ruby. This kind of old tea head is far more than durable, which can prolong or shorten the brewing time according to its own preferences.

meng hai

Points for brewing Menghai Jinya Pu erh fermented tea:
  1. Dosage (5-7g)
  2. Brew more than 20 times [water temperature is 85-87 degrees Celsius]. Pay attention to the water temperature. Boil the water first, then put it for a few minutes, it will be OK after slightly cooling. Do not add cold water or add water while the water is not boiled.
  3. Add water following the wall of the cup slowly and finely, discharge the soup quickly and the soup can be discharged in 35 seconds. The first step is to wash tea, and the fourth step is to extend to 5 seconds/7 seconds/9 seconds. Do not cover the soup after increasing the volume of the soup progressively.

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3 reviews for Premium Menghai Fermented Pu Erh Tea Cake – 357G Chinese Loose Leaf Tea

  1. KMAN

    Changed over from coffee to tea most store bought teas seemed to be one note. This was recommended to me I tried it WOW what a difference full flavor, and depth, and can be seeped 5-6 times without loss in flavor.

  2. ardvark

    So my personal puer tastes are heavily defined by this cake. I personally really go for full bodied, earthy-mushroomy-slightly sweet puer and this cake has all of these. I would say the leaf size is on the smaller side (if that matters to you) but I enjoy the taste. I have a few grams of other style ripe puers that are very big leafed, have great age on them and have more of a old, musty book flavor to them, and I REALLY like those. However, that’s way higher cost and isn’t an everyday drinker in my opinion. This cake is a GREAT daily drinker and I look forward to working my way through the cake in the coming months.

  3. ahre

    This brews up full of depth and visually dark, I brew multiple times, and get more brews out of this than other puerh’s I’ve tried.

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