Bronze Wormhole Chinese Vintage Teapot


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Chinese Vintage Bronze Glaze Wormhole Teapot

Escape into a realm of antiquity with this captivating vintage bronze glaze teapot.

Heralding from an era long past, its earthen body echoes the patina of time, bestowing upon it an allure reminiscent of ancient treasures. Behold the intricate wormhole design, a testament to the artistry of wood firing, the primordial pottery-making technique still employed today.

As flames danced through the kiln, mineral whispers imbued the clay with their mark, transforming the teapot’s surface into an enchanting tapestry. Each wormhole, a delicate testament to the passage of time, invites a journey through bygone eras.

More than a mere vessel for brewing, this teapot is a bridge between worlds, connecting the wisdom of the past with the tea-time rituals of today. Its vintage charm radiates an ethereal glow, immersing you in a realm where artistry and history intertwine with every sip. Dimension: Length 13 cm (5.11″), Width 8 cm (3.14″), Height 8.5 cm (3.34″). Capacity: 220 ml (7.43 oz).


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