Cast Iron Teapot with Induction Stovetop


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## Exquisite Cast Iron Teapot with Bamboo-Adorned Stove: Embodying Purity and Contentment

### **Symbolism and Craftsmanship**

Inspired by ancient Chinese lore, this bamboo-cast iron teapot depicts a serene cicada perched amidst verdant bamboo shoots. Symbolizing purity, tranquility, and spiritual elevation, this intricate design evokes a harmonious balance and connection to nature.

### **Versatile Heating Options**

Equipped with an induction cooker, this teapot seamlessly accommodates various heat sources. From electric ceramic stoves to gas and coal, this adaptable apparatus ensures effortless water heating for all your culinary or household needs.

### **Exceptional Tea-Making Properties**

The high heat retention of cast iron preserves the delicate aroma and flavor of your tea. By utilizing high-temperature water, this teapot enhances tea’s natural characteristics, producing a rich, satisfying brew.

### **Health Benefits**

Beyond its aesthetic charm, this teapot serves as an iron supplement. The iron ions released during the boiling process can be readily absorbed by the body, aiding in the prevention of anemia. Additionally, iron enhances water quality, imparting a softer, smoother texture that elevates the taste of your tea.

### **Artisan Design**

The stove adorned with a bamboo motif echoes the teapot’s cicada design, evoking the tranquility of a serene bamboo forest. This harmonious pairing creates an idyllic setting in any home or teahouse.

### **Specifications**

– Material: Cast Iron
– Weight: 3 kg
– **Includes:**
– 1 Cast Iron Teapot
– 1 Induction Cooker (Adjustable Temperature)
– Teapot Dimensions:
– Capacity: 1200 ml
– Diameter: 18 cm
– Height: 20 cm
– Induction Cooker Dimensions:
– Diameter: 19 cm
– Height: 9.5 cm


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