250g Old Pu’er Fermented Tea – Small Gold Bricks, Glutinous Rice Fragrance

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Product Category: Pu’er Tea
Origin: Yunnan
Warranty Period: More than 12 months (months)
Date of production: March 18, 2018
Net Content (Specification): 250g
Grade: Level 3

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Tea Garden

The average elevation is 1000 meters. Because of its unique geographical location and climatic conditions, tea plantations in this area have unparalleled natural ecological environment.

Shuangjiang Mengku is a tropical and subtropical southwest monsoon climate with small annual temperature difference and large daily temperature difference. According to altitude, it can be divided into north tropical and south subtropical central subtropical climate areas. The annual average temperature is 18.7 °C, the annual average sunshine is 2088 hours and the annual average rainfall is 1341 mm. Fogy is the characteristics of Menghai dam area, and the average fog day is 107.5-160.2 days per year.


Tea characteristics

Glutinous rice fragrant Pu’er tea is made by adding natural plant named “glutinous rice fragrance” into super-grade Pu’er tea. It has a clear aroma, mellow and refreshing taste, unique glutinous rice fragrance, charming mellow fragrance, convenient, affordable and tasty. It is very popular with everyone and is an ideal natural drink.

Glutinous rice incense is a forest-covered herb, about 30 centimeters high, with mint-like green leaves on its branches. The leaves are the size of nail caps. Dai people with strong glutinous rice incense pick them up, dry them and store them in their homes. When they drink, they grab a few pieces and put them in tea bowls. After drinking, they feel refreshed both physically and mentally.

Characteristics of glutinous rice fragrance Pu’er tea: elegant aroma, mellow and refreshing taste, and has a unique glutinous rice fragrance, pure fragrance charming. No need to open the tea you can smell a strong glutinous rice fragrance. After brewing, a strong glutinous rice fragrance emanates will set off. No matter you are in the office, or at home, it can be brought, which is convenient, tasty, and fashionable.

Selection of precious Pu’er tea producing areas, Menghai tea area raw materials fermentation fermented tea, coupled with the precipitation of time, so that Xiaotuo tea has such a good quality. With bright red, high fragrance, you can smell its fragrance before tasting, and it is really relaxed and happy after tasting.

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3 reviews for 250g Old Pu’er Fermented Tea – Small Gold Bricks, Glutinous Rice Fragrance

  1. Lois Brandt

    The tea cake came with very good packaging. The taste of the tea has abit of the fishy smell but it is within acceptable range. The after-taste of the tea wasn鈥檛 entirely smooth but it gets the job done. Overall I would say this tea cake is abit overpriced, but if compared to the risks of buying foul pu-er tea from China, I would say this is a safe choice.

  2. Paul R.

    Excellebt flavor, nice leaf quality.

  3. penny

    This tea tastes exactly the same as the ones I got from China. Nice packaging of the tea with paper so that it does not get spoiled by the air or moist.

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