Cast Iron Teapot – Mini Ornamental Iron Pot, 30 ml Capacity


Tray or not: Not
Material: Cast iron
With the function of boiling water: No
Surface technics: coating in plant
Tea Ceremony Accessories: None
Origin: Zhejiang
The grade of product quality: superior product
Style: Chinoiserie

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Capacity: 30ML
Spout: 32MM
The bottom of pot: 34MM
The pot: 34MM
Overall height: 70MM
Overall width: 70MM

The Ornamental Mini Iron Pot is a traditional and functional piece, crafted from high-quality iron. The iron material of the teapot allows it to reach a higher temperature, preserving the heat of the tea and enhancing the taste of the water and the tea. The teapot handle is designed with a heat-resistant hoop handle, providing a comfortable grip and avoiding burns. The heavy lid of the teapot ensures that the water stays hot after boiling, and the spout is designed to allow a smooth water flow, making the tea-brewing experience more enjoyable.

The Ornamental Mini Iron Pot is not only a stylish and functional piece, but it also offers health benefits. After a long period of use, the teapot will release iron elements that can be easily absorbed by the human body, helping to prevent anemia. The iron element also can soften the water and make it more sweet and smooth, thus enhancing the flavor of the tea. This teapot is particularly suitable for people with iron deficiency, and can provide iron to the human body.

The Ornamental Mini Iron Pot is not only a functional piece of kitchenware, but also a traditional and cultural item that can bring you a sense of freshness and pastoralism. It is a perfect choice for those who appreciate the traditional tea-brewing methods, and enjoy a fresh and sweet tea taste.

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Weight 1 kg

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