Japanese Glass Teapot with Bamboo Lid


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## Glass Teapot with Bamboo Lid

Crafted with exceptional artistry, this Glass Teapot with Bamboo Lid beckons tea enthusiasts to elevate their brewing experience.

Handcrafted from pristine borosilicate glass, its lead-free and toxin-free composition ensures the utmost safety and purity. The crystal-clear texture allows for a tantalizing glimpse into the tea-making process.

### Unrivaled Thermal Endurance

Boasting impressive thermal resilience of -20°C to 100°C, this teapot seamlessly adapts to a wide temperature range, making it ideal for both cold and hot brews. Heat it up on an open flame without fear of shattering, effortlessly preparing your favorite infusions.

### Effortless Brewing and Cleaning

The V-shaped spout ensures a smooth and controlled pour, while the stainless steel inner strainer effectively filters tea leaves, enhancing the flavor of your brew. The bamboo lid with a snug-fitting silicone ring prevents accidental spills.

### Ergonomic Design for Comfort

The ergonomic handle provides a secure and comfortable grip, allowing for effortless pouring without strain.

### Perfect for Tea Connoisseurs

Whether you prefer delicate floral teas or robust black blends, this teapot is your perfect companion. Its capacious 1000 ml (33.8 oz) capacity and 12 cm (4.7″) diameter accommodate generous amounts of your favorite teas.

### Materials of Excellence

* Borosilicate glass for exceptional durability and heat resistance
* Bamboo lid for warmth and aesthetic appeal
* Stainless steel inner strainer for seamless filtering

### Dimensions

* Teapot: 1000 ml (33.8 oz), Diameter 12 cm (4.7″), Height 12.5 cm (4.9″)

Treat yourself to the epitome of tea-making artistry with the Glass Teapot with Bamboo Lid and savor the exquisite flavors of your prized infusions.


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