Stone Textured Chinese Yixing Clay Teapot


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Gilded Clay Stone Texture Teapot

Indulge in an extraordinary tea experience with this kiln-fired gilded teapot, meticulously crafted in Dehua County, Fujian, China. Its exquisite design captivates with its gradient surface, achieved through skillful hammering techniques that create a mesmerizing play of textures.

Inside, a spherical tea filter expertly separates loose leaves, ensuring a clear and pure brew. The intricate lid seals the teapot securely, preserving the tea’s captivating aroma throughout the steeping process.

This exceptional teapot embodies both tradition and modernity. Its gilded exterior, combined with thoughtfully designed textures, elevates tea appreciation to an art form. Whether savoring a cup of tea or simply admiring its aesthetics, this masterpiece offers a sensory delight for discerning tea enthusiasts.

  • Dimensions: Length 4.92″, Width 1.93″, Height 3.93″
  • Capacity: 6.76 oz


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