Yixing Handmade Dark-Red Clay Teapot for Kungfu Tea Set – Crude Ore Enameled Porcelain


Material: Dark-red enameled porcelain
Surface technics: Plain

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Crude ore, Cinnabar 150cc

Yixing Crude Ore Handmade Dark Red Enameled Porcelain Literati Practical Utensils Clay Pot Kungfu Tea Set is the ultimate combination of modern craftsmanship and traditional Chinese culture, featuring exquisite design elements to bring delicious Chinese tea brewing experience. Made of Yixing crude ore with its remarkable clay density which creates its enchanting dark red enameled finish enhancing flavorful tea-brewing sessions; ergonomic handles make this high-end Kungfu set easy and convenient to carry and use; perfect for sharing quality time together!

Yixing crude ore handmade dark red enameled porcelain literati practical utensils clay pot and Kungfu teaset features an intricate design which masterfully blends modern craftsmanship with traditional Chinese culture.
This long-lasting tea set is constructed from high quality Yixing crude ore material and features a vibrant red enameled finish for added flavor to every cup of tea you drink. Stylishly designed with an ergonomic handle for convenient carrying and use, the teapot makes this set easy to transport and use.
This exquisite Kungfu tea set provides all of the components necessary for creating delicious Chinese tea at home, including lids, strainers and handles – ideal for both casual and formal events alike! With everything included from lids, strainers and handles – this beautiful tea set makes an elegant addition to any collection.

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