chinese pu erh tea
  • by vinux

Pu Erh tea is mainly produced in Xishuangbanna, Linyi and Puerh in Yunnan Province. Pu Erh Tea pay attention to brewing techniques and art of drinking, and its drinking methods are numerous, both for drinking and mixing. The tea soup of Pu Erh tea is heavy in orange and yellow, with high aroma and long-lasting aroma. It has a unique fragrance, rich taste and long-lasting to drink.

Pu’erh tea itself contains fat-decomposing lipase. This lipase has a good effect on the decomposition of fat. For many people who are reducing their fat abdomen, they can play a role in fat digestion and consumption. Moreover, Pu’erh tea can also nourish people’s stomach and present more beauty.

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