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We do know that tea is one of the greatest healers of all time. In fact, there are reports that data the history of tea to the man in the caves. Of course that with time, we have learned how perfecting a cup of tea. The health benefits of this almost magical beverage include relief in a tremendous set of diseases that might range from anxiety to stomachs problems.

A cup of tea is capable of preventing strokes and even modulating the sugar levels in your blood. Additionally, we all love them because of their delicate flavors. Depending on your selection, you might be able to combine different essences, smells and flavors as well, not to mention the diverse healing properties you might blend in just one cup.

Now, we do know that you want to combine the best of both worlds. You need the technological advances and tools used to harvest and cultivate the best tea leaves, but at the same time, you want to maintain the process as authentic and close to the original as possible. In this sense, must of us boil water in traditional tea makers machines rather than simply using the microwave. Moreover, we want to feel that our tea is the natural descendant of Chinese ancestors who develop this millenary technique.

As a consequence, we need to stay as true as possible to the traditions and drink our tea in the appropriate teaware. One that praises the firsts tea wares, that compliments traditional art and of course, the most artisanal production. With this in mind, we have created the ultimate collection of gonffu tea ware and Chinese teaware. Our collection includes glass teapots and teacups, in a tremendous variety of colors and designs. You might find in our stock Chinese teaware and Taiwan tea sets, developed with tremendous attention to detail, and only with the best materials to ensure that you enjoy the best of your tea in each pour.

With our meticulously developed tea, you will feel the difference, you will gain style and at the same time, your tea will continue to be as natural as possible. No dangerous infrared or microwaves contaminating your beverage, no ions destroying the health benefits of your tea. We offer a contrast, a real option for true tea lovers.

If you want to try yours just select your favorite model and start changing the way you drink your tea.

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