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Tea is an ancient healer with a long and fascinating history. From the man in the caves to modern-day tea connoisseurs, we have learned how to perfect the art of brewing tea. The health benefits of tea are nearly magical, with the power to relieve anxiety, stomach problems, and even prevent strokes by regulating blood sugar levels.

The delicate flavors of tea are also a favorite among many. Depending on your selection, you can blend different essences, smells, and flavors with diverse healing properties into one cup. To get the best of both worlds, we need to use technological advances to cultivate the best tea leaves while keeping the process authentic and true to its origins.

Using traditional tea makers instead of microwaves and drinking tea in appropriate teaware can help maintain the tradition of Chinese ancestors who developed this millenary technique. That’s why we have created the ultimate collection of gonfu tea ware and Chinese teaware, including glass teapots and teacups with a variety of colors and designs. Our collection also features Chinese teaware and Taiwan tea sets, carefully crafted with the best materials to ensure that you enjoy the best of your tea in each pour.

With our meticulously developed tea and teaware, you’ll feel the difference in your tea-drinking experience. No dangerous infrared or microwaves will contaminate your beverage, and no ions will destroy the health benefits of your tea. We offer a real option for true tea lovers to enjoy their tea in the most authentic and natural way possible.

If you’re a tea lover, select your favorite model from our collection and start changing the way you drink your tea today.

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