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Only by mastering the conventional methods of tea storage can we live up to the good tea.

Generally, tea storage should be light-proof, dry, sealed, cool, odorless and pollution-free, but the result of tea storage in different containers is very different.

Different Containers for Home Tea Storage


Porcelain material itself is very compact, air permeability is not high, but the porcelain pot is usually matched with wood or silica gel cover, the sealing is not as good as metal pot. When storing, we should pay attention to whether the material of the lid is odorous, porcelain pot is suitable for short-term storage of tea.

Purple sand containers and pottery

Purple sand utensils are always accompanied by tea. Purple sand containers have the best air permeability, especially suitable for storing tea products that need to be aged later, such as Liu Bao tea, Pu’er tea, etc.

Ceramic containers have strong air permeability and water absorption, are much cheaper than purple sand containers. Although the result is slightly weak, but it wins because of affordable price. Therefore, it is enough for ordinary tea collectors. Newly bought containers must be thoroughly cleaned before they are used. It can be washed with some low-grade tea boiling water and put in the tea after drying.

Iron can

Iron cans are more airtight. Especially iron cans with down pressing caps that need to be prized up when they are opened, but it should be noted that the cans must be placed in a dry place to avoid rust and corrosion.

Tin cans

It is generally acknowledged that the best container for tea storage is tin cans. It is because that the tin cans have no metallic odor, slow heat transfer and can maintain a constant temperature. Thirdly, tin cans generally have deep caps and excellent seal ability, so the price of tin cans is relatively high.

Corrugated carton

For ordinary tea fans, we can choose more economical and affordable tea storage tools. After all, tea is a daily drink, cost reduction is also important. Corrugated cartons are a good choice. Although the advantages of carton tea storage are not as good as purple sand container, its advantages are also very obvious. First, it is relatively easy to obtain and cheap, and second, it also has the characteristics of ventilation and ventilation. Carton storage should also pay attention to its own odor, if there is, it is best to put after a period of time to use. Tea stored in cartons is advised to be stored in whole barrels and not to be disassembled. If it is a large carton, it is recommended to store only compacted tea.

In addition, in the era when water dispensers are not popular, almost all the necessary thermos bottles are also very good tea storage utensils, especially suitable for long-term storage of tea. The thermos bottle can effectively isolate the outside air and maintain the temperature stability in the bottle. After washing and drying, put in the tea, as full as possible, it is easier to maintain the fragrance of tea in the vacuum state.

On the Storage of Tea in the Refrigerator

With the pursuit of health, tea, as the most traditional drink in China, has once again become fashionable. For the tea you bought it by yourself, or my friend gave it to you, you cannot drink it all for a while. Where can we put it? Refrigerator!

However, there are still some special skills for tea storage between the opening and closing of the refrigerator door, which should be treated differently.

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